oxygen concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

Servotech’s Oxygen Concentrator is designed especially with the aim of meeting the demands of auxiliary oxygen to the patients in need. This lightweight, noiseless, and portable oxygen concentrator device maintains a steady flow of oxygen which can be easily adjusted according to the patients need.

5 Ltr Advance Amount Inc Txn chrgs

₹129990 – ₹78,499.00

10 Ltr Advance amount

₹169900 – ₹133,999.00


The ST-DE-2A Oxygen machine maintains a flow of 1-10 LPM instrumental in providing 24-hour continuous supply of oxygen. With an inbuilt pure copper oil-free compressor, the device ensures a seamless flow of oxygen. The oxygen concentrator is also powered by an Aluminium-Magnesium alloy cooling fan, promising an elongated life and enhanced performance. The oxygen concentrator is extremely easy to use and comes with an HD LCD touchscreen, paired with an on-the-go power saving mode, which allows you to use the oxygen supply while sleeping.

The oxygen concentrators come in two variations, one which produces 5 LPM oxygen, and the other which produces 10 LPM oxygen. Both machines are paired with a pressure alarm, a power off alarm, and an abnormal voltage alarm. This medical grade oxygen generator weighs around 19-25kgs, with an input AC of 220V and 50Hz, and takes up less than 400VA of power, running continually for 2000hrs straight.

oxygen concentrator




Switching to this sleek device in hospitals can ensure larger operational space for the surgical staff and low maintenance as compared to the traditional, bulky oxygen cylinders.


Patients needing immediate oxygen support need not be rushed on ventilators, with Servotech’s oxygen concentrator their oxygen requirements could be quickly catered to and be brought back to normal.


Park it next to the patient’s bed, plug it in, and get an uninterrupted flow of oxygen for long hours. With adjustable flows between 1 to 10 LPM, you can make changes to the flow rate as per the patient’s oxygen requirement.


Servotech’s Oxygen Concentrator is instrumental in supplying a continual flow of oxygen for long duration. With an adjustable flow knob which can be set from 1 to 10 LPM, attendants can manage the flow of the oxygen according to the patient’s needs. An easy to operate user interface makes the device good to go for the patient too, and also functions in an extremely noise-free manner due to its oil-free copper compressor powered by German technology.