Sunil Juneja

Founder | Director

Sunil Juneja has a true entrepreneurial spirit. He is known to be a self-starter which makes him a highly motivated person. Being passionate, he brings enthusiasm to every task he undertakes with lots of positivity. He often comes up with out of the box ideas and thinks of new ways he can bring improvements in the systems and processes in the organization. He is an intelligent negotiator as he uses his persuasiveness effectively. He always keeps one eye on the big picture for which he has a strong vision. A versatile human being, he knows how to adapt to ever changing business environment. He is not afraid to take risks when pursuing new things. He can shift his priorities whenever his team needs assistance and thus is a true leader who always leads from the front. He defines flexibility as being receptive to other people’s needs, opinions and ideas as well as being open-minded to feedback. He can exercise sound judgement under pressure and is a wise decision-maker. He believes that he has no room for procrastination making him a proactive man. He is the founder of Hari On Retail Pvt. Ltd. Respected by everyone in the organization.

Gaurav Juneja


Gaurav Juneja, the Director at Hari Om Retail Pvt. Ltd. is a hardworking and disciplined person. He focuses on making his business work by eliminating hindrances to his goals. He is confident about his skills and exudes this confidence in everything he does. He is always generating ideas about workflows and efficiency. He makes sure that a project follows the path according to the established parameters. Being a creative person, he is able to make connections between unrelated events. He is determined to make all of his endeavors succeed. He is known to have strong communication skills and motivates his employees to make his business grow. He highlights the benefits of any situation and coaches team members to their success. His mind is constantly on his work whether he is in or out of the workplace. He wants to see what the view is like at the top of the business mountain and once he sees it, he wants to go further. Gaurav has a uncanny knack for establishing a very fine balance between task and people orientation. He is a worthy son of a worthy father. He is known for delivering superlative business results consistently. He has take the organization to new heights.


Manish Malik
Operation Manager

Jasbeer Kaur
Executive Assistant To Director Gaurav Juneja .

Bhagat Singh
Sales Manager

Gagan Oberoi
Mobile IT Head